Mission Statement

Our sole mission is to educate, inspire, and help every Jew increase their level of Jewish knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. With complete love and respect, ChabadFIU welcomes all Jews with a non-judgmental and pleasant approach. 

What We Do

Classes, Lectures and Learning

Challenge your mind. Advance your knowledge. Delve beyond the surface. ChabadFIU offers a wide variety of classes and lectures. Interested in something specific? The choice of topic, text and time is yours! Contact us to arrange your personal class. ChabadFIU has a large Jewish library, available to you—stop by and make use of it! 

Shabbat at ChabadFIU

Join fellow Jewish students every Friday night for a delicious home cooked dinner in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere! Discussions, stories, songs and many new faces to meet.

Holiday Celebrations

Experience the joy and excitement of each Jewish holiday. 
Join a simchat torah celebration, sukka party and Passover seder ChabadFIU style—like you’ve never seen before! 

Jewish Awareness Giveaways

Got a mezuzah? Need Shabbat candles? A Jewish calendar? 
A complete stock of Jewish items from Shmurah matzah to Chanukah menorah’s are available for every occasion.

Our Staff

With a rich background in student and community outreach, Rabbi Levi and Sashie Friedman bring a unique warmth and enthusiasm to their post.

Rabbi Friedman is a graduate of the Rabbinical College of Greater Miami, and has served on college campuses in the United States. He has also visited Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Japan as part of the Central Chabad-Lubavitch Community Outreach Program. Most recently, Rabbi Friedman has served as editor of the acclaimed Annotated Prayer Book Series, a staple in Chabad Houses nationwide, with some 100,000 copies in print.

Mrs. Friedman is a graduate of the Bais Chana Seminary in Safed, Israel. An accomplished educator, she served in Perth, Australia, working in various student and community programs.

The couple is blessed with children: Moussie, Yaakov, Chana, Mendy, Etti, Chezzi and Devorah Kenya.